Balloon Decorations

We also have a range of décor ideas! An amazing way to add a fantastic impression at your party!

Balloon Bouquets - $25 each (plus delivery)

All of our balloon bouquets are hand crafted by quality event decorators. At Party Direct Balloons we ensure that each bouquet is specifically designed for each individual occasion. Price is based on 3 helium plain balloons on a weight. Bouquets with 5 and 7 helium balloons are available. Please contact us and request a quote.

5x Table or Floor Bouquet - $20 each
8x Table or Floor Bouquet - $18 each
10x Table or Floor Bouquet - $15 each

Balloon Arches

Single String Archway - $99

Balloon Towers - from $75 each

Balloon towers make an excellent décor item and can be themed to suit your event. It looks fantastic in either side of an entrance or a stage!

Balloon Clusters - $15 each (6 balloons in a cluster)

Balloon clusters are a great feature on walls, ceilings or columns. Clusters are available in a variety of colours which makes the room look fantastic and vibrant!